The fat bald eagle has landed.

August 30, 2007


Evenin’ all.  Wanted to get a wee blog going to fill interested parties in on exciting developments in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m here 5 days and it’s been interesting to say the least.  Seattle is growing  on me by the day.  Some of the stuff that’s happening is just making me laugh out loud.  For example, on my relocation tour today we called into the Redmond Town Center ‘Wecome to the Neighborhood’ office and amongst the bumph they heaped upon me was a beautifully packaged mini gift hamper from a local dentist including floss, toothpaste and a mug with the dentist’s logo.  Something else that made me laugh out loud in the lobby of my apartment building – a Dominos flyer in my mailbox and the featured product, a dessert, was (drum-roll) Oreo Cookie Pizza.  I was appalled and yet strangely aroused.  Only in America.  Great stuff.  Full first week report is on the way.  Tune in soon.