Take me out to the ball-game

September 27, 2007

100_0122Ro had gigs either side of Seattle on Wednesday and Thursday night so he joined me for fraternal larks on his days off on Monday and Tuesday.

We had some Brazilian meat Churrascaria-style on Monday night and followed this up with several beers at my local dive bar the 5 Point Cafe where they’ve been cheating tourists and drunks since 1929 according to the sign outside.

100_0116 On Tuesday we headed to Safeco Field for some baseball – Mariners v Cleveland Indians.  Very enjoyable night – a low scoring game that went to the 12th inning before the Indians finally won.  Foot-longs and beers were had but it was a little on the brass-monkey side for a young man like me with not a pick of fat on me.




Following the game I returned Ronan to the stunning metropolis that is Auburn, WA where I would later re-join him for the Wednesday night gig – more on this in my next post!


A day in the life…

September 24, 2007




I just wanted to share this pictorial with my loyal readers.  It’s a little vignette of life here all alone in the big city.





I forgot to take the lens cap off for the photos of me helping an old lady to cross the street and the one of me rescuing a dolphin with an injured dorsal fin so I haven’t included those ones.



100_0109 100_0110

Olympic Sculpture Park

September 23, 2007

100_0043 Took a stroll down to the Olympic Sculpture Park this evening.  Took the camera.  It’s a beautiful spot along the waterfront about a 10 minute walk from my apartment.  Here’s some pictures.




100_0047  100_0056


100_0058 100_0074



Photo of Ro

September 18, 2007

photo Ro just e-mailed me this, taken with his iPhone.  I’m not sure what worries me more, the facial hair or the fact that he bought an iPhone.

The new Mc-Mobile

September 18, 2007



Finally got the new motor yesterday.  Spent about an hour in the bank getting the check – they’re a bit signature happy here.



Anyway – it’s a Ford Explorer XLT 4×4 with a 4.0L V6 engine whatever that means.  Nice and smooth, very quiet and big sums it up.  It’s a bit dodgy crossing the 520 bridge which is a little tight but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.




There’s third row seats so plenty of room for Missy or any potential visitors.

Camera bought – pictures imminent

September 17, 2007

Finally got around to buying a camera today.  Got a Kodak M753.  Should be able to start firing up pictures good-o.  Here’s the first few.


This one is the view out one side of the apartment – looking southwest down to the city centre or center depending on where you’re from.





And this one is looking out east over Puget Sound.  I’ll do the daylight versions later in the week.

Ireland 32 Seahawks 20 Namibia 17 Tampa Bay 6

September 9, 2007

Not necessarily in that order…..

PIC-0022 Well Sunday was an enjoyable day.  Headed to Fados for the Ireland game at 11am.  The game was clashing with the build-up to a Seahawks game at 1.15 so the pub was 95% Seahawks fans eating steaks for breakfast and 5% rugby fans drinking pints for breakfast.  Only 1 TV out of about 15 had the game.  Some of my old Dublin colleagues showed up at half-time so I had a very enjoyable few scoops with them before I headed to the Seahawks game.  Exhausting stuff.

The Seahawks experience was something else.  Fantastic atmosphere, I had a great seat about 150 feet above the 45 yard line.  I was sitting in between a Bucs fan and two 89 year old codgers.  Had a chat over beer and chips at half-time with a guy who spotted my rugby jersey.  The weather was phenomenal.  High 20s.  Still don’t get the Fahrenheit nonsense.

After the game I gave my earlier drinking companions a buzz and theymeatball-1 had moved to another bar where I duly joined them.  Had another few mellow beers sitting out on the street.  Only had to walk about 4 blocks home from there.   A 6" meatball sub helped me on the way.  Huzzah for Subway.