Dublin – København – Seattle

Post-emotional departure at the airport I had a swift sit-down in the BMI lounge courtesy of the old business-class tickets.  No great shakes.  Dublin-Copenhagen flight was quick and comfy.  SeedPumpSl_SKU_40040_lg Business lounge in Copenhagen was very swish, lots of apples, rye bread and wood – very Scandinavian indeed.  Jumped on the plane – business class pretty full.  Check out my seat!  Watched the Number 23.   Not a great movie for a flight – too dark for the dodgy screens.  Food was good on-board.  Windows in the jacks – I was convinced someone would be able to see me in mid-flow at 30,000 feet.  The old boy beside me (in my seat – not the jacks) was a little odd – indeterminate nationality, spent the whole 10 hours twitching, frantically thumbing through a large pile of documents, occasionally scribbling notes and generally being peculiar.  No major drama through immigration so the papers must be in order.  Picked up the jam-jar, a Chevy Malibu and got moving.  After about 15 hours on the go I was a little rusty on the right-side driving but I made it to key pick-up in one piece.  Finally made it to the apartment at about 6pm (2 am Dublin).  Didn’t look too bad but I was too tired to make an adequate appraisal.  A quick reccy of the immediate locale found me a Subway and dinner was served in the form of a 6" Meatball sub (happy days).


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