Week 1 highlights

  1. Getting to know the apartment building – it’s nice, 2nd floor there’s a kind of communal party room with a pool table, free wi-fi, barbecues, swimming pool, sun-deck etc etc.
  2. Getting to know the local area, nice coffee house across the road, burrito shop on the corner, only 10 minutes to main city centre.
  3. I’m only about a 10 minute walk from the Olympic Sculpture Park which is by the water and a great place to go and read a book or go for a run when the sun is out.
  4. Pike Place Market – went there on day 2 (Sunday), great buzz, tourist trap but a worthy one.
  5. Foodcourt in Westlake Center -a big mall in the retail core.  I like foodcourts.  Very much.
  6. The view from my apartment  (I’ll post some photos soon) – I can see south down to the skyscrapers and west out across Puget Sound so the views are spectacular.
  7. All the little things that are different – roadsigns, customer service, foodcourts (did I mention that already).
  8. The cityscape is generally pretty amazing, wherever you look there is mountains or water and boats and nice houses set into hills and all that kind of stuff.  Reminds me a bit of Sydney on that score – no nice beaches though!

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