Ireland 32 Seahawks 20 Namibia 17 Tampa Bay 6

Not necessarily in that order…..

PIC-0022 Well Sunday was an enjoyable day.  Headed to Fados for the Ireland game at 11am.  The game was clashing with the build-up to a Seahawks game at 1.15 so the pub was 95% Seahawks fans eating steaks for breakfast and 5% rugby fans drinking pints for breakfast.  Only 1 TV out of about 15 had the game.  Some of my old Dublin colleagues showed up at half-time so I had a very enjoyable few scoops with them before I headed to the Seahawks game.  Exhausting stuff.

The Seahawks experience was something else.  Fantastic atmosphere, I had a great seat about 150 feet above the 45 yard line.  I was sitting in between a Bucs fan and two 89 year old codgers.  Had a chat over beer and chips at half-time with a guy who spotted my rugby jersey.  The weather was phenomenal.  High 20s.  Still don’t get the Fahrenheit nonsense.

After the game I gave my earlier drinking companions a buzz and theymeatball-1 had moved to another bar where I duly joined them.  Had another few mellow beers sitting out on the street.  Only had to walk about 4 blocks home from there.   A 6" meatball sub helped me on the way.  Huzzah for Subway.


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