Fat-Mc rocks out at the Lep

100_0129 Well I joined Ro at the Auburn Def Leppard gig on Wednesday gone.  It was awesome man!  Seriously.  Great buzz backstage as Ro swanned me in.  Got to see his tour bus – interesting aroma.  Caught the end of Foreigner as they were doing that song.  Had a prime seat in the front-of-house booth area place with Ro and a large cooler of beer.  The gig was fantastic, the venue was great.  I could hear the music so Ro was clearly doing something right.  I was very proud.  Very nice bunch of people working on the tour.  Great craic after the gig.  Bottles of Bushmills were appearing from all angles.  Great great night.  Here’s an action shot of Ro as he’s twiddling knobs.  I noticed a marked difference in the lower tonal ranges of the bass guitar after he did this.  What an audio legend!



One Response to Fat-Mc rocks out at the Lep

  1. Big Sis says:

    First time I’ve had a chance to look at this – it’s mighty! I’d love to have seen that one of you rescuing the Dolphin! You should focus on your writing Egg! You’re a natural. Thinking of you every day Nx

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