O beautiful for spacious skies etc. etc.


Long week in work so I needed to blow off the cobwebs this weekend.  Ended up too long in the scratcher to go anywhere too far afield plus the England France game kind of delayed me.  Can’t believe they’re in the World Cup Final but there you go.

So off I trotted to Discovery Park on a glorious Saturday afternoon.  It’s about a 15 minute drive from salubrious Belltown.  The City has basically parkified a headland and a nice parkified headland it is too.  Lots of walkers, runners and families about and a few annoying cyclists who kept getting in the way of my photographic endeavours with their ludicrous cycling shorts and their bottle of wine.

100_0268 Due to the earth’s rotational activities the sun was setting so I duly took a few snaps of the majestic visual bounty that unraveled before me – that and a few random blades of grass and some other shit.  You can see a few more photos here.

Following this healthy and uplifiting sojourn I needed to get back to my mundane reality.  What could be more appropriate than dropping by my local Safeway which was having it’s official post-remodel grand opening.  With Starbucks Grande Hot Chocolate firmly ensconced in my trolley cup-holder I idled from aisle to aisle grabbing every variety of carbohydrate I could lay my hands on.  I write this blog-post now on an intense chocolate chip cookie, Coke and Cashew nut high.

100_0288 100_0211


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