Eagle Senior lands…

November 26, 2007

@ the EMP Matty has joined me here in Sammamish as he lollygags his way through retirement.  I have already introduced him to many of the regions culinary delights – the free Krispy Kreme donut as you wait in the queue, the Gyoza and Chicken Teriyaki combo special and dessert in the Cheesecake Factory.

He’s been up the Space Needle, through the Experience Music Project, swam with dolphins at the Aquarium (well – looked at a few salmon through the 2 foot of murky glass) and made a daring solo trip by bus to the city.  Included here are some photos of the bould Matty in various poses at some of the areas premier tourist traps.

Tune in next week for a report on Matthew and son’s adventures in the Nevada desert – fraught with eminent peril but with engaging excitement around every corner, except that there are no corners – it’s all just desert and the casinos don’t have corners so you can’t find your way out until you’ve gambled away your last quarter on a Price is Right slot machine and are dragged kicking and screaming by robust and persuasive Polynesian mercenaries masquerading as security guards – but I digress.

Sur la monorail   Pike Place Market

View from the Space Needle


The Axeman cometh

November 21, 2007

eggrug Photographic evidence is now available to prove that I am playing rugby again after a 10+ year absence from the beautiful brutal game.  Not the greatest picture but it should hold up in court.  The team is the Eastside Axemen and they are based in Marymoor Park in Redmond just down the road from me.  I was pretty stiff after the first few training sessions but the body is coming around.  I’ve only managed two games so far because some of the away games involve planes or long drives but we’ve won both that I’ve played in so I’ve a 100% record (no thanks to me I hasten to add).

Headlines from the PNW

November 15, 2007

Life has been busy these past few weeks so I haven’t had time to post.  I’ll try to capture everything that’s happened in one sentence in case you’re short on time.  Work, sleep, eat, house move, Sammamish, Dublin, Rosslare, Halloween, Jackie, Harry big, Lauren growing, hot whiskey, San Francisco, Seattle, rugby, Portland, flat tire, Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British Politician sex J.F.K. blown away, what else do I have to say.  OK those last few were courtesy of my close personal friend Billy Joel but I digress.

 100_0181 Anyway life moves apace here in Puget Sound.  At the end of October, just before my trip home to Dublin I moved out of my bachelor pad in the city to something a little more family friendly out in the burbs in a place called Sammamish.  The commute is a hell of a lot better into work and all of the conveniences of life are nearby – Starbucks, Safeway and a Teriyaki place.  I’m slowly getting the place IKEA’d up so it’s ready for the rest of the clan when they arrive.  It’s very quiet in the estate or sub-division as they call them here and in Sammamish generally but I think that’s par for the course over here – it’s a all a bit early to bed, early to rise and all that and there’s not a pub in site – ok there’s one ale house but it’s more of a food place and it closes at 10pm so it doesn’t qualify as a pub in my humble.