Wrapping up 2007

100_0052 It’s been a while since I’ve been able to pay my spin doctors to crank out any new posts on the old blog so as a quick catch-up and so we can get this thing motoring again here’s a brief summary.

For thanksgiving myself and Matty zipped down to Vegas for a few days.  It was an eye-opener for the former capuchin monk.  We did all the landmark hotels, took a spin down to the Hoover Dam and availed of the complimentary beverages at the Luxor – our home for the weekend. 

By an extraordinary stroke of luck the legend that is Tony Bennett was playing Vegas on the Friday night so I mugged two blue-rinsers in the Hilton lobby for their tickets.  He put on a great show.  81 years of age and still belting them out.

100_0091 Other highlights of Mattys trip before he headed for home were trips to Snoqualmie Falls and Snoqualmie Pass (the nearest ski resort) and a trip up to the local wine country in Woodinville.  There are a couple of wineries and a brewery up in Woodinville.  Never ones to discriminate we sampled a little of the grape and a little of the grain…and then a little more of the grape…and then we took some of the grape and the grain home and all was well in Sammamish…until the next morning.  Oh yeah – and we also went to a Sonics game.  It was actually a decent game considering they are having their worst season ever.

100_0137 100_0168

It was early December before Matt hit the road.  After a quiet couple of weeks and with the Christmas shopping done I left my temporary bachelorhood behind on December 21st when I returned to Dublin to help Jackie with the pack-up for the family exodus back to Seattle on December 28th.


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