We got up on Friday morning and yadda yadda yadda, we arrived in Seattle!

So the trip home was pretty good and it was great to see Laurel & Hardy again and of course Jackie and the rest of the family and get out for a few beers with the lads and all that good stuff – but the fact remained that I was only home for 6 days and then we were heading away again – lock stock and barrel.

So a nasty bug that had been going around the office in Redmond hit me around St Stephens day and by Thursday I was flat out and of no use whatsoever to Jackie as she dealt with the kids, packed the bags, packed up the house and did pretty much everything.  I was so sick all I could do was call work to see if they would change our flights.  I ended up taking a semi-lethal cocktail of drugs and somehow managed to drag myself together at about 5am on Friday morning.

logo_AA_stack I won’t bore you with the details but we had an emotional departure at the airport with all the grandparents.  We managed to dispatch Missy to the cargo hold without too much bother and finally got going.  Kids were great on the flight thanks to Jackie’s endless patience with everyone including me and we arrived in Chicago a little tired but ready to keep the show on the road all the way to SeaTac.  That’s when the bomb dropped.  Snow storm in Chicago, hundreds of flight canceled including ours – we were pretty much left stranded by American Airlines in Chicago with 10 suitcases, tired and hungry kids, a barking dog trapped in her own personal plastic prison cell and they weren’t putting us on a flight until Sunday – 48 hours away!

Cutting this long story even shorter, we found a porter to hawk all the bags out to a hotel bus, we found a hotel that would take the whole family even the 4-legger and off we trotted to the local Holiday Inn.  Kids had a ball in the hotel – we had adjoining rooms and they were pretty excited about the whole thing.  Work managed to get us on a flight the next day and we arrived in Seattle only 24 hours behind schedule.  We were some sight on the shuttle bus to the airport parking lot.

I was cream-crackered for the final drive from SeaTac out to Sammamish but I was fully prepared to give Jackie the full tour of all the sights on the way home.  Needless to say she was asleep before we were off airport grounds so the tour would wait for another day.

So it wasn’t all plain sailing but happily with the passage of time the bad memories become the interesting memories and the good memories just seem to get better – the main thing is that we all got here safe and sound.


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