February Update

needleIt has been a busy month for us.  We’re all settling in nicely now.  Lauren is in pre-school two days a week and also does cheerleading on Wednesdays with the Liberty Bells.  Harry is enjoying the 1 on 1 time with his Mammy.

Jackie has made contact with a few of the Microsoft (ahem…Stepford) wives.  Her social life seems to be sorted.

We’ve been trying to get out every weekend to do stuff with the kids.  We’ve done the Seattle Aquarium and the Children’s Museum.  We went along to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Union Station.  We made a trip up to the nearest outlets in Tulalip.  We’ve even seen Mickey Mouse and Manny the Handyman in a live Disney show at key Arena.  That was awesome…

We’ve also been making use of the elh plethora of parks and trails on our doorstep here.  There are 4 lovely parks all within a 5-10 minute drive.  Marymoor, the biggest has a huge off-leash areas for dogs so Missy is loving that.  I drive to work along Lake Sammamish every morning and they’ve converted the rail bed that runs along the lake into a trail.  Some of the photos here  were taken along the trail.




Money has been a little tight so we’ve had to put Lauren to work.  This is her at work as a product tester for the Sesame Street website.




elmel  elh2eh


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