April foolishness..

May 6, 2008

Harry, Ro, Lauren and Eoghan Well it’s May but April was a very busy month work-wise so this is the first opportunity I’ve had to fill in viewers on April’s activities.  The weather was a bit inclement.  A few nice days but lots of rain.  So far weather-wise we’re about on par with Dublin.  I’m still waiting to see if the summer is going to be any better.  It can’t be any worse than an Irish summer.  Photographically speaking we’re a bit limited this month as we’ve had some camera issues.  The LCD broke on the back so we don’t know what we’re taking (no viewfinder either!).  We’re pointing in the general direction of things and hoping for the best.

As you can see from the photo above we hooked up with Ro-your-boat in Spokane where he was passing through on the 1st leg of Def Leppard’s 2008 tour.  That’s us on Ro’s tour bus.  The kids trashed it in true hair-metal style.  It was a four hour drive over the Cascades and through the Washington State midlands.  We spent most of the day hanging out in the arena and got to see some of the sound-check and a good bit of the show later that night.  Lauren was entranced by the whole thing.  She was wearing a big pair of ear muff things to save hear ears from all that crazy rock and roll!  Myself and Jackie took turns bringing her out to Ro’s booth while Harry danced around backstage where the sound was a little easier on the ears.

Lauren and Spokane Falls Other highlights of Spokane trip:  Big antique indoor carousel in the park, sky-ride over Spokane Falls, stopping in the Cle Elum bakery on the way.

Later in the month we headed up to Skagit Valley to see some of the Tulip Festival events (Jackie was on a Dutch buzz).  This involved standing in a large field of tulips and looking around.  In fairness it was a pretty impressive sight and Lauren had a sniff of every tulip in the field so we were there for quite a while.



Hazza - Skagit Valley Lauren - Skagit Valley

Jackie & Harry Eoghan & kids in Tulip Town

The rugby season finished up in April – the full 15 version of the game anyway.  There may be some 7s coming up over the summer and I’ve started to run out for the weekly Microsoft game of touch at lunchtime on Wednesdays – so for now I’m not hanging up the boots just yet.

Portland Game   220lbs on the hoof