We hit 34 degrees here over the weekend…

June 30, 2008

image Just thought I’d mention it.  Happy days..except for the lack of air-con in the gaf.  Off to Home Depot later for a few fans.  We all slept in the one room last night with the sliding door open.  We have fly-screens so it was a bug-free night and we all finally got a bit of kip.


May.. Waikiki.. and a broken foot.. Jackie’s patience tested to the limit yet again!

June 16, 2008

100_0113 What would we do without Jackie?  The photo on the left pretty much sums up the month. We had a great hollier in Hawaii but my dodgy foot put a bit of a dampener on our disco dancing plans.

It all started with Jackie’s ambitious plans to do a Duathlon (swim/run) at the start of May.  We don’t even have a photo to prove she did it because she was so quick she had already finished by the time we arrived.  The next part of her master plan was to do a Triathlon at the end of May.  On a balmy Wednesday night I joined her on a 3 mile run – after already doing a run in the gym I might add.  It was my first run on roads in a long time and my feet did not like it.  They were burning for the rest of the evening and I was in so much pain by 4am that night that I had to get myself down to the ER (none of your A&E shite in the US of A!).  Docs there told me I had Plantar Fasciitis (ye wha’ Gay?) in both feet – but what Mussolini’s gardener had to do with it I’ll never know.  Took some happy pills but next day one foot was still in a lot of pain while the other was fine.  Hopped to a podiatrist on Friday who confirmed a stress fracture…and we were only days away from our Hawaii jaunt.  Cue Jackie having to do just about everything to get us on to Flight 219 Seattle – Honolulu.

100_0138 Waikiki was fab, the hotel was great.  Nice brekky every morning and a free cocktail shindig every night.  Jackie got the kids down to the beach or playground most days and I only managed to make it as far as the pool and it’s convenient poolside bar.  We did manage one family trip to the zoo while we were there.  Despite the hopping we did have a really good time and the weather was fantastic.  Will definitely return for a two-legged trip in the near future.  Lauren loved the hula dancing every night and by the end of the week she was even playing her own ukulele or uko-lady as she called it.

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