Rockaway Beach, Oregon

September 13, 2008

100_1056 Work and play busyness has meant that the blogosphere has been bereft of the occasional bon mot to which it had become accustomed.  I’ll do a catch-up when I have a minute.  For now I just wanted to post some pics of this stunning place in which we’ve landed.

Pa and Ma Mc have joined us in the PNW and they left the Irish weather at home.  I’m trying hard to remember a place I’ve been that is as sensorially satisfying as the deck of the gorgeous beachhouse we’ve rented for the next few days.  The beach, the air, the light, the pine covered mountains as a backdrop.  We’ve been putting the vino away at a steady rate.  Yesterday, we sat around, ate, dug holes in the sand, flew kites, watched the sunset, watched some movies.  If I had the moola I think I could just repeat that day over and over.  Anyway, I’ve already spent 5 minutes too many posting this.  There’s a chair and a cold bottle of Pacifico waiting for me outside.

100_1058 100_1074 100_1080 100_1091