Annus mirabilis – 2009 Part 1.

December 5, 2009

So it was a bit of a hectic year and keeping the blog up to date has been kept on the long finger.  As the year winds down, for the sake of posterity I’ll to do a couple of thematic re-caps.  First up, visitors.  We had a slew of them and it’s one of the things that kept us busy and gave the year a bit of structure as we prep’d and then decompressed for each set of interlopers.

20082009 640Visitor #1:   I’m sketchy on the dates but first out of the gates in Jan was Jennifer.  Never was an auld soul more deserving of a break away from the kids and her domestic duties but on day 2 (ish) of her trip she declined the sensible option of retiring for some après ski and instead opted for one more run on the slopes and subsequently broke her wrist and spent the remainder of her now extended (for medical reasons ) trip in acute pain…..but she never complained.  A champion patient.

20082009 671

Visitor #2: Next visitor, within a couple of days of Jennifer was the bould Aiso, over for a wee break and some retail adventure.  Aiso’s ailment was chronic toothache so the year was getting off to a medically challenging start.

20082009 711

100_2748 Visitors # 3-4:  Fiona and Stu arrived over from the Isle of Man for leg 1 of their North American tour.  After a few days in Seattle we headed en-masse for Vancouver.  We rented bikes and spent a great day around Stanley Park.  We also had a very illuminating stroll to Chinatown along a fantastically dodgy street – East Hastings St.  Quite a sight and thankfully we came to no harm but in hindsight it was monumentally stupid of us to end up there.  To paraphrase my mate Obi-Wan, it was a wretched hive of scum and villainy.  From Vancouver we headed for Victoria.  Fiona and Stu opted for the luxury of a waterfront hotel while I forced my kids and preggers wife to rough it in a tent in the middle of the woods 10 miles outside of the city.

100_2777 100_2795100_2835

100_2906 Visitors # 4,5,6: Just in time for 4th of July Betty, Ernie and Sabrina arrived.  It was soupy hot for the duration of their stay and we ran them all ragged with the sightseeing.  We hit the  Boeing factory in Everett, Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee and even some whale watching from Anacortes, but they thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our new little  corner of the world.





Visitor # 7: The boy wonder, Steven arrived in mid September for some R&R in the PNW.

100_3418 100_3415 

100_3443 He was swiftly followed by Visitors 8 & 9:  Matt and Rita who flew back with me from Dublin.  M & R were here for an extended stay so we could get a little dig-out following the arrival of our 3rd nipper.  Before he got here though we had some fun with lots of sightseeing and a fantastic trip to Lake Chelan.  That was a much needed vacation following a busy summer work-wise.  I needed to blow shut the brain down for a few days before things would get crazy again once Ryan arrived on the scene.  IN their 7 week stay Ma & Da witnessed both sided of the local weather, from 90+ degree scorchers in September to miserable rain in October and November.

100_3473 100_3514

100_3433 Baby RYAN 014 DSC_0083

And finally to visitors 10 & 11: Ross and Claire joined us from Portland for a swift visit.  It was a madhouse.  Mam & Dad were still here, Ryan was just a week old and it was Halloween to boot.  We had great fun though with a tour of the local brewery and winery on Saturday morning followed by a trip to Snoqualmie Casino to spend a few shillins’ on the slots.

Baby RYAN 129 Baby RYAN 088 Baby RYAN 090

It’s only December 4th so we may still get a few more in before year end.  Anyway, thanks to all our visitors for making it a year to remember.  It was a ball having you all here and we appreciate the efforts you all made to get here.

See you in 2010.