Annus mirabilis – 2009 Part 2 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

January 5, 2010

Happy New Year folks.  Part 2 of the 2009 re-cap covers our trips, vacations, holliers.

20082009 720 Our first trip of the year was a jaunt up to Whistler to meet up with Trapper John MD (Oran) and his pals and see what the place was like.  It was our first time there.  We stayed in the Summit Lodge which was a nice place, near enough to the center of town but far enough for a bit of peace.  It should be noted that there was a fantastic and very bijoux creperie across the road.  We have about 6 dodgy photos of the entire trip, exhibit ‘A’ above being about the best of them.  Drive up was fab.  The slopes were unbelievable, Snoqualmie is our reference point after all.  Managed only a half-day of boarding.  Drive up was good fun…except for Vancouver.

Santa brought us tickets for Disneyland so for our second trip we100_2224 headed for Anaheim, CA. in late Feb.  We stayed in the Holiday Inn in Buena Park – not luxury but did the job. We even went for a dip in the pool….in February.

The kids loved Disneyland.  Lauren couldn’t get enough of Minnie Mouse and the Princesses and Harry went bananas when he saw Lightning McQueen in the daily parade.  For sanity we did a non-Disney day.  We spent the day on Huntington Beach.  There was a very cool Kite Festival on and the weather was perfect.  The main strip in HB was really nice too.  Cool vibe, nice bars and restaurants.  On our last day we did a drive around LA, checked out Venice and Beverly Hills and hit the In-N-Out burger in Westwood Village (where we saw Bob Newhart pottering about although Jackie hadn’t a rashers who he was).

100_2322 In April we headed for a quick weekend break with the Sullivans in a Log Cabin near Leavenworth.  There was still snow on the ground up there.  It was a cool little gaf with an outdoor hot-tub, a fire pit and a retro games room.  In the interests of cultural explorations Enda and I attended the AleFest on the Saturday in Leavenworth.  We were compelled by our anthropological curiosity to soak up the atmosphere and taste as many ales as possible.


(Updating this post some months later…) It’s nearly 2011 and I’m still re-capping 2009 so in the interests of getting on with it reference the 2009 Visitors post for some sketchy details on what else we got up to travel-wise.  There was a trip to Vancouver and Victoria, camping (log-cabining) in the KOA in Leavenworth and a gorgeous few days in Chelan.  Post Chelan all travel was curtailed in anticipation of the arrival of the person soon to become known as Ryan McHugh.