Eamon Dunphy is my hero

Indo headline today – “Dunphy hits back at political analyst over ‘sexist, ageist attack’ on RTE”.

Hilarious stuff from the old rogue –

“BROADCASTER Eamon Dunphy has said he is still shocked by a "sexist and ageist attack" on him during a TV debate.

The 64-year-old and fellow journalist Fintan O’Toole appeared on RTE’s new TV debate show ‘The Eleventh Hour’ on Monday, alongside political analyst Elaine Byrne.

She turned on her fellow guests for abandoning plans for a new party, telling them: "This just looks like more middle-aged angry men, who are telling us what the world should look like and then, they talk the talk and don’t walk the walk."

Mr Dunphy said: "She did an Andy Gray on us. What she said was sexist and ageist. In Sky TV, that would be a sackable offence."

What a champ!


2 Responses to Eamon Dunphy is my hero

  1. Eamon Dunphy has,like anybody else,the right to change his mind.He is correct to react this way.
    I love watching Dunphy on T.V.,especially his analysis with the Giles and Brady.His combination of knoledge of his sport and his great wit are so entertaining.Way to go Eamon.

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