Return to the Auld Sod–June/July 2010

Saltee IslandsWanted to throw up a brief note on our fantastic voyage back to Ireland in the Summer of 2010.  It was all about catching up with friends and family, giving the kids a chance to get some time with their cousins and spending time in Rosslare.  We managed to cover all 3 at the same time as Rosslare and the incredibly good weather managed to draw lots of folks down to the blissful south-east.  Beaches, barbecues, beers, a little bit of golf, stress free and in superlative company.

4th of JulyOne 24 hour period summed it all up – July 3rd, a beautiful day, spent the evening with a table full of cousins, other halves, some old Rosslare buddies and a few pint bottles of Bulmers, in the beer garden in Ryan’s O’ Rosslare (well Brady’s but it’s still Ryan’s to me) back home with the cousins for more beers and music, woke Ryan but he was as good as gold, somehow managed to get up and parent the kids next morning on about 2 hours sleep (Jackie at this point was back in Dublin on a girls night).  Weather looked a little sketchy but the hangover and clouds cleared at about the same time and we kicked off an impromptu b-b-q to celebrate 4th of July, glorious sunshine, cousins, friends, aunts and uncles, kids everywhere (cue Fresh Prince – Summertime), zipped up to the train station with the kids to meet Jackie and we returned to while away the hours in the back yard.  The b-b-q had about 4 separate sittings through the course of the day – it was like the feeding of the multitude but it was more like 25 people and we had ribs and chicken kabobs instead of fish and loaves.

We had a little bit of a torrid trip home thanks to Delta but we made lemonade by bringing the kids for a brief taste of Manhattan while we waited for our flight home.  Check out Jackie’s picture below.

Can’t wait to get back for a summer trip again…maybe 2012.

Here be a few more pictures.

Harry and NoahHarry on the StrandIn Sabrina's WoodCousins in Johnstown CastleCousins in Johnstown CastleTrain to WexfordRathaspeckCousins Road-TripSabrina's WoodJackie and The Naked Cowboy


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