Roadtrip Day 2 – Portland, OR to Ashland, OR

WP_000101 Lovely bit of brekky to start the day in the Rose City.  The childer love those waffle makers.  Headed across town to catch up with Jackie’s buddy Tony.  Spent a pleasant morning at her local you do with 3 kids in tow.  Spot of bother on the way..parade on in town and the bleedin’ GPS just kept bringing us back to the same route.  Local copper set us straight.  Finally got underway later that morning and targeted Eugene as a pit-stop, in homage to my uncle and cousin who proudly bear the same name.  Looked like a nice town, home of the Oregon Ducks, plenty of student-types about.  Had a very agreeable lunch on the patio of a McMenamins joint.  Hit the road again for another 2-3 jaunt.  No major issues.  2nd fill-up of the trip.  $77.  One emergency roadside urination.  One slightly less emergent McDonald’s urination.  Names redacted to prevent future shame.


Finally hit Ashland 7ish.  Jackie and boys went for a dip.  Lauren I did a reccy of the town (lovely) and grabbed some supplies.  Later, in the interests of anthropology, I went for a swifty in Paddy Brannan’s – a nice wee bar in the centre of town.  Beer in hand (Workers IPA – tasty) and food ordered I was settling in when Karaoke kicked off.  Seemed to be an in-crowd thing.  They all knew each other and were mutually oblivious to tonal deficiencies.  Combo of the night – Piano Has Been Drinking by stoned and/or deeply touched but thorouglhy entertaining ‘dancing bloke’ followed by full on amateur dramatic version of You Raise Me Up by former altar boy ‘bloke in nice geansai’.

Photo_A30BA15D-15A8-8966-4C17-3365DC5FF022 WP_000103 WP_000104


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