Roadtrip Day 3-5 Ashland, OR, San Francisco, CA etc. etc.

July 3, 2011

WP_000107Well I guess it’s a good sign that I didn’t end up posting daily during the roadtrip.  I didn’t have time and/or I was too knackered – both good reasons.  So here’s the abbreviated catch-up to assist future memoirists.

Day 3 – Ashland to San Francisco

Beautiful drive from Ashland down through Northern California, specifically Mount Shasta looming in our view for a lengthy portion of the early driving.  Long drive that day but we just kept going with a very brief pit(piss)-stop in Red Bluff.  Finally made it to the hotel, which would be home for the next 4 days in the early evening. Unloaded and back in the car (not too popular a choice for a certain <2 year old) to get our bearings, check out the city and do our first drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were ultimately pretty pleased with the hotel choice.  It was decent for the budget and driving across the GG every day (despite the $6 toll) was a great way to get in and out of the city.


Day 4 – San Francisco

Took it very easy on day 4.  Needed to get the car out of our systems for the day. Spent the day in the pool and changed rooms to top floor to avoid some noise bother (nothing dicey – just structural) we had on Day 3.  Jackie headed down to SFO later that evening to pick-up Marc and Steven.


Day 5 – Alcatraz

WP_000123Early dip in the pool followed by a jaunt to San Fran to head over to Alcatraz.  Sometimes these touristic icons can disappoint but Alcatraz exceeded my expectations.  The whole thing is really well done.  The audio tour did a fantastic job of taking you through and nailed it in terms of giving you a sense of the place and its purpose, somber and thoroughly entertaining at the same time.  The museum dudes were offering Lauren and Harry head-sets for the tour and I said no thinking they wouldn’t understand, would be bored, would drop them into the bay etc.  They ignored me and gave them one each anyway.  I was kind of knocked on my ass when the 2 of them proceeded to become absolutely engrossed in the whole thing and did the tour end to end – telling us where we were supposed to be going, asking loads of questions.  I was so glad those guys gave them the headsets.  I seriously underestimate the kids sometimes.  Lots of learning that day and not just about escapology.

Did Rainforest Café for food….perfect for the kids but a bit pricey (to be expected though for Fisherman’s wharf).  After grub we took the Powell-Mason cable car up and back.

Awesome day.