Sammamish Blotter Update

August 27, 2011

I kid you not…

Aggressive Zumba

A Sammamish resident called police Aug. 13 to report that his neighbor had been repeatedly dancing provocatively in front of his children. The resident called to report the neighbor’s noisy music. When police arrived the resident explained that he and his wife had had repeated disputes with the neighbor over her loud music and strange behavior.

According to the police report, the resident reported that the neighbor, a woman in her 40s, often worked out outside. Whenever the man or his children were outside, the woman would “skulk” along the property line wearing skimpy clothing and provocatively “bump and grind” in the direction of the family. The man said the woman had never exposed herself and that he did not want police to contact the woman because he was afraid that that would escalate the situation. The man reported that the woman’s home is for sale and that he was hopeful that she would soon be moving away.

As the officer was taking the report he noted that the woman was wearing pink bikini bottoms and a black sports bra doing lunges and stair steps up and down her front porch steps. Police documented the incident but have no immediate plans to confront the woman about her exercise routine.