Roadtrip Day 6-11, San Francisco, Sonoma, Oregon Coast, Seabrook, Home

Finally getting back to rounding off the roadtrip diary…

Day 6 – Sonoma

WP_000133Took the kids out to Sonoma.  Beautiful place, beautiful weather.  Kids loved Traintown and Daddy loved the half-case of wine he managed to buy at the one winery we got to.  Met up with Steve and Marc back at Pier 39.  Harry then got a close up look as his favorite thing in San Fran – Coit Tower.  We also took a spin down zig-zagging Lombard Street.

Day 7 – Redwoods / Eureka

Pleasant drive through the Redwoods and occasionally literally through a Redwood.  My mother always told me if I had nothing good to say about someone/thing/where then don’t say anything…so I’m not saying anything about Eureka, our last over-nighter in California.


Day 8 – Florence, OR

Lots of great vistas driving 101 up the OR coast.  Scenery changes pretty dramatically once you leave CA.  Florence was a huge improvement over Eureka.  We did the dunes in Honeyman State Park and had a nice bit of diner grub at the Hot Rod Grill.


Day 9  – Florence > Seabrook, WA

WP_000204Made it to our final stop on day 9.  Lunched in Tilamook on the way.  Lots of cheese and ice-cream.  Rented a nice pad in Seabrook and enjoyed the beach, bbq and smores vibe for a couple of days before heading for home.  After almost 4 years here this was our first major roadtrip. The kids traveled well, all but one of the overnighters hit the spot, we did it on a pretty tight budget and we saw lots of very cool stuff.  Great family experience.  Next time we plan to either head north through BC, heading for Alaska or East to Montana and then down to Yellowstone.  More on that…later.




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