Spider Issues

August 3, 2012

Door Knocking Person:  Hi there – we’re going around the neighborhood helping people out with pest issues.  You look like you have some Spider issues – we can clean those up for you.

Somewhat addled father of 3:  You mean the webs and the spider sitting there in my porch.

Door knocking person:  Yeah – we can survey the home and clean those up for you.

Slightly more irritated father of 3 petulant offspring simultaneously looking for water, cookies and a Nintendo DS charger:  Now is not a good time, and I think we are ok with webs.

Door knocking person:  Ok  – well have a nice day and here’s my card.

Somewhat worried looking 6 year old:  What’s a spider issue?

Vexed, slightly overweight but still roguishly presentable under 40 year old:  Good bloody question son.