The Summer of Dove

April 11, 2016

As one does, I was embellishing stories of youthful escapades to my skeptical 11 year old daughter.  I mentioned the pivotal role I played for my country in the ‘92 Barcelona Olympics.  What this boiled down to was, me bouncing around on a trampoline, in criminally ill-fitting Speedos, in the bowels of Montrose (home of RTE) in the Spring of 1992.  For this mortifying experience we were paid a very princely £35.  For that one glorious summer I was known by my friends (all 3 of them) simply as ‘the dove’.


I thought that the only place the clip above existed was on a decaying VHS tape somewhere in a musty Dublin shed or attic.  Having spun the tale and too my remaining amazement,  my resourceful daughter went and found the clip on YouTube.  It is with mixed feelings of post-trauma and fond reminiscence that I share it with you now for your amusement.

Kudos to killianm2 for his fine curation of vintage Irish TV.  Never thought I would see this one again.


A little taste of summer in early April

April 9, 2016


Where’s home for emigrants?

April 6, 2016

For posterity’s sake – adding a link to a 2013 IT article where some nonsense I spouted was included in a Generation Emigration piece.