RV there yet? Day 1.

FullSizeRenderDay 1 was hectic.  RV pick-up from Road Bear RV went smoothly.  Very helpful guys took us through paperwork and orientation.  Lots of stuff to remember – buttons to push, hoses to connect.  Whole process took about an hour.  We left the depot with only the faintest whiff of confidence that we would make it back to Sammamish.  Let’s not even talk about getting this behemoth to Montana.


Back at the ranch we spent 2-3 hours jamming the truck with enough underpants, Pringles and Prosecco to keep us fresh, fed and sedated for the journey ahead.


Driving the RV is a little nervy on the single lanes around Sammamish but confidence grew as we hit the I90 and headed east.  By the time we pit-stopped just shy of Spokane I was anointing myself as the Jackie Stewart of RV driving.


The kids were really comfy on the journey and Jackie (Ryan, not Stewart) was able to jump around from seat to seat to keep everyone fed / watered / content.


Jumped into Idaho sometime around 10:30 and we reached our destination 1 by 11pm.


Found our site in darkness and managed to back the truck in on first attempt. It was late but I still made a few attempts to get the leccy figured out.  Finally realized the breakers were off on the site’s post.  Once that was resolved we were on the grid and began to relax.

Day 1 verdict:  Awesome.  Although it was all stress and logistics to get going there was a lot of satisfaction in getting to our destination and getting setup for the first time.


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