RV there yet? Day 3 – Driving to Bozeman, Montana

FullSizeRenderSettling in to the RV life.  Got the sewer hook-up sorted before we departed Silverwood.  90% man-points achieved.  Pack-up was pretty quick.  Weather was miserable as we left.  Felt bad for folks rolling up for a day at the waterpark.  Was not looking pretty.  Our drive was long and uneventful.  Idaho blended into Montana.  We blew past the welcome to Montana sign before we had a chance to take a snap.  Lots of ‘big sky’ vistas as we trundled along.



Stopped for lunch in Missoula – and by lunch we mean grilled cheese sandwiches that we cooked up ourselves in a gas station.


Made it to Bozeman by ~6pm.  The RV park was 50% building site but nothing is a problem when you can retire to your home on wheels.  The park was connected to the Bozeman hot-springs so we jumped in there for as very mellow outdoor dip.  It should be really nice in about 3 years when all the construction is done.  Achieved full hook-up status in Bozeman with the cable TV connected for the quad-fecta.  100% man-points achieved.  Kids played chess on a giant chess-board and we all tucked into some b-b-q before hitting the hay.



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