RV there yet? Day 4 – Bozeman, Montana

IMG_1078-16On our first morning in Montana we took advantage of the modern conveniences afforded to us and watched the rugby and Norn Iron in the footy on our pop up tv.  The kids want to press the button constantly and watch it rise James Bond style from the mundanity of the kitchen counter-top.  In this mechanical wonder the modernity and extravagance of our camping experience is juxtaposed with the crappy cable signal from the dormant building site that is this RV park…or something like that.  The campsite brekky was included so we gorged on pancakes and Frosties (they’re grrrreat!).  We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in the impressive Museum of the Rockies – biggest collection of t-rex skeletons, biggest t-rex head, old-west living homestead and lots of other cool things.



At this point I decided to go into full photog mode and now share some of the heavily edited snaps below.  This was our first time to bring the RV out on a daily excursion which is a bit of a PITA but it went well with 3 stops while we were out (museum, downtown, walmart).  Once we scoped downtown and found a spot we were in good shape.  We had a great dinner/lunch in a Bozeman brewery (and another swifty in a neat little cider place) and spent the evening strolling up and down the handsome main street.

Day 4 Verdict:  We liked Bozeman.  Definitely a spot to recommend on a trip through Montana.  Fantastic selection of bars and restaurants.  Takes a nice picture too.








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