RV there yet? Day 5 – Bozeman to Cody, Wyoming

FullSizeRender-70Another day on the road.  We did an unplanned stop just outside Bozeman to check out a Grizzly sanctuary and it was well worth the detour to get some bear education before we (possibly) see one in the wild.  Outside temp seems to effect me more when driving.  A few tired spells on the I90 drag but some podcasts and Jackie’s unrelenting devotion kept me going.  As we zoned in on the Wyoming border and got off I90 the landscape dried up and started to look a bit more wild west.  Off the interstate we were finally able to make some impromptu roadside photo-stops and took some pics of the Welcome to Wyoming sign.  We nervously drained the gas as we passed through a few one horse (and 0 gas station) towns.  Finally filled up in Powell (3rd fill of the trip, including the rental fill, with about 1000 miles up so not too crazy) and Cody was only 30 minutes further.

The Ponderosa is a nice little park on the edge of town.  Good news – the main drag was walkable so we were able to stroll up to town to check out main street and the famous Irma hotel.  The kids scarfed ice-cream on the Irma porch as the missus and I drank some cold beers in the welcome shade.


Ryan took a pic on a Buffalo.  We will dedicate a separate post to Ryan’s obsession with Buffalo.


For our evening’s entertainment we bus’d it to the very awesome Cody Rodeo Nite.  This was some proper Americana with anthems, prayers, cowboys & cowgirls, bulls & bullshit, ropin’ steer etc.  Harry got to chase some calves in the main arena and the locals in the stands next to us whoop’d and holler’d for him as he at first sprinted and then stalled as he realized the calf was coming for him.  A very memorable end to our first day in Wyoming.




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  1. markgl99 says:

    Loving the posts Eoghan, keep them coming.

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