RV there yet? Day 8 – Yellowstone

IMG_1272-2Up at 6:30 for our full day tour.  We figured this would be a good option as Yellowstone noobs and we were not disappointed.  Our bus driver/tour-guide Woody took us around the Grand Loop on the Circle of Fire tour.  We checked out the Canyon from the South Rim, West Thumb, lots of thermal features and got great tips for stuff to see on day 3.  We also picked up our Junior Ranger books for the kids and they got stuck into their mission to become Junior Rangers.  Best intel of the day – Woody pointed out a bison carcass which would attract bears and wolves.  Highlight of the day was a lunch-stop at Old Faithful where we got to see this reliable geyser do it’s thing.






We picked up provisions and organized the RV down at the village after drop-off.  We brought it down there from the campsite for convenience.  It was a bit of a trek form the campsite to the village and while we were initially reluctant to move the RV for short trips we were starting to get into the routine and it proved to be the right thing to do.

We got back to the site by 7pm so we could run the genny for an hour.  8pm is the cutoff for generator noise which seems a little early but most folks were tucked up by 9pm-10pm so we didn’t quibble.  We had a tasty bbq, did some s’mores and charades by the fire and hit the hay early for bear-hunting in the morning.


Day 8 Verdict:  We are loving Yellowstone.


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