RV there yet? Day 10 – Yellowstone to Jackson, WY

IMG_13212 final tasks to accomplish before leaving Yellowstone.  Kids have to do their Junior Ranger tests and we need to see the Grand Prismatic Spring.  A very friendly ranger asked them a bunch of questions and inspected their books and then designated them as official Junior Rangers.  Lauren put a lot of effort into completing her book and was very, very reluctant to let Harry and Ryan do any cogging.  They all got the badges they wanted and were very proud of themselves.


We made one pit-stop as we exited the park via the south-west loop.  The Grand Prismatic spring is the largest hot spring in the US and famous for the colorful steam generated by the microbial mats that edge the pool.


We were really sad to be leaving Yellowstone.  We promised ourselves that we would come back to spend more time, with more binoculars, in this amazing place.  Can’t commend the National Park Service enough for the work it does in managing these precious resources.

As we headed south and exited the park it blends seamlessly into Grand Teton National Park.  Many spectacular views along the road as the Tetons loom into view.


We are getting short on time now so we have shelved a longer look at the Tetons to another time.  For today we contented ourselves with a lunch stop at Colter Bay and a scenic drive on the way to Jackson.  We stopped off at Mormon Row / Antelope Flats for a photo-op amongst the old barns that dot the landscape there.


20 minutes later we were in Jackson and waiting on a bus to take us to the town square for a look at another shootout.  This one is the longest running shootout in the US apparently and is performed by actors from the Jackson Hole Playhouse.  We had dinner/show reservations for the very same place and it was a hugely enjoyable experience.  We dined in a small, packed saloon style restaurant while the wait-staff/performers sang old-west inspired songs (very well).  We were then moved to the theatre where they put on a really entertaining night performing The Ballad of Cat Ballou.  We all loved this.  The only low-point was the tip hustling after dinner which was wholly unnecessary.


Hopped in a cab back to the RV park.  There was a bar attached to the hotel attached to the RV park but it was very loud and a little local so I settled for some sodas and water. RV note: The fridge had been going downhill since Yellowstone and back on the grid in Jackson it seemed to be completely dead hence the desire for cold drinks at midnight.

Day 10 verdict:  Bittersweet leaving Yellowstone. We all want to go back already.  Jackson is also very cool and we could defo do with more than one night here to check it out properly.  Wyoming people are very friendly.


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