RV there yet? – Day 11 Jackson, Wyoming WY to Eden, Idaho

WP_20160702_001Nice lie-in in the a.m. Jackie grabbed brekky with the kids while I engaged a very nice gent from the RV park, Wayne, in diagnosing the fridge issues. Nothing obviously wrong so this would need a more detailed look at an RV repair place. I called Road Bear and they suggested some places in Idaho Falls but given that it was 4th of July weekend and we were almost done with our trip we decided we could ice-box it out for the rest of the trip. The kids enjoyed a last hour in the pool and we began our homeward journey west.

We had a very posh lunch in the car-park of a Fred Meyers in Idaho Falls. We’ve been learning that at times the expectation of RV traveling does not match the reality. Expectation is finding a bijou little place that does a cheeky potato and leek soup overlooking a valley of lavender. Reality is you end up making you own hang sangwiches in the car-park of a grocery store. Not a problem at all mind you – we have very much embraced pragmatism in favor of starving ourselves until we find the right spot.

We edged the Snake River for much of the trip. As we entered Idaho the rocky canyons gave way to endless swaths of arable land. Potato crops as far as the eye could see.


We landed in Eden, Idaho in the afternoon. I did not know what to expect of the journey from Jackson through Walla Walls so I had picked this site purely on the basis of the pool with slide. The park was busy but the kids were delighted to see another pool so we watched from a distance reading our books and disposing of some of the ship’s (RV’s) ballast (cider).


Day 11 verdict: Looking forward to some downtime with 0 sightseeing tomorrow. Park is a little dicey, the receptionist was less than welcoming but the kids played endlessly in the pool (until someone vomited) and made some new friends.


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