RV there yet?–Day 12 Eden, Idaho

August 11, 2016

file1Catching up on the RV trip much much later but finishing it out to satisfy the indefatigable historians who will leave no stone unturned as they try to capture the magic and mystery of this prosaic little existence of mine.

Anyway…we spent July 3rd chilling out in the less than salubrious Anderson Camp.  This mostly involved sun-bathing, swimming, reading and eating.  Of note, Harry was banned from the slide pool for reasons we failed to understand.  They were far too rule-happy in this place.  I felt sorry for the woman who spent half her day checking everyone’s wrist-band for fear that someone was scalawagging her out of $3.

Highlight of the day was what was arguably our best meal of the trip in Jakers Bar and Grill.  Amazing Potato soup (had to be done in Idaho) followed by an excellent Kobe Beef Sirloin steak.  Took some snaps of Snake River on the way home that evening.  We didn’t have the heart or energy to check out Shoshone Falls while we were here.  Hitting tourist overload at this point.


Day 12 Verdict:  Fit the bill as a much needed, do nothing, rest day as we wound our trip down.